Net Neutrality as a States' Rights Issue
It's no secret that this would primarily, though not exclusively, hurt red states given the current alignment of the political parties. But it would also force voters in those states to hold their representatives more accountable and disallow single issue voting.
There does seem to be a mob mentality in Congress (on both sides of the aisle) that makes a vote that the constituents hate OK as long as enough other people also hide your vote. Bringing it back to the states would seemingly give this issue more accountability than most given the general agreement between left and right.
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Given that an overwhelming majority would prefer an open internet rather than one straddled by ISPs, would turning Net Neutrality into a states' rights issue be an effective solution to hold politicians accountable?
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They have been arguing that it would allow them to improve the infrastructure, but that has been resoundingly untrue, historically. Dividing which states they can and can't throttle would at least encourage them to make a good faith effort to back up their talk. I'd be more comfortable getting rid of net neutrality in my state if it meant that other states maintained it as a means of pseudo-competition.